Angela Parson, L.Ac.
Earth Centered Acupuncture

2304 East Burnside Street
Suite One
Portland, OR 97214

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    What makes Angela's practice style unique is an ability to synthesize her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with other acupuncture and healing modalities she has studied over the years. These include Japanese Meridian Therapy, the Balance Method, esoteric acupuncture (based on chakra balancing through sacred geometry), Reiki, Taoist meditation exercises, and shamanic journeying techniques. Her needle technique is gentle, and she creates a nurturing, supportive treatment space. With sensitive clients or those apprehensive of needles she often uses a method of acupressure with the application of essential oils on specific points.

    Being an experienced herbalist, Angela loves to reinforce her treatments with the prescription of Chinese herbal formulae. She has a good working knowledge of Western herbal pharmacology, homeopathy, essential oils, and flower essences, which helps her suggest herbs that might complement these various methods. She also routinely works with clients taking prescription medications and will research these sufficiently to find a safe and appropriate herbal addition, if the client desires.