Angela Parson, L.Ac.
Earth Centered Acupuncture

2304 East Burnside Street
Suite One
Portland, OR 97214

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    Angela's holistic treatments focus on finding the root of imbalance. This way, in addition to addressing the symptoms of the moment, she can choose the techniques that will also help guide the body-mind-spirit to a more integrated and harmonious place. She highly values the unique journey and intuition of each client and encourages collaborative participation in the healing process. All sessions are thorough and COMPLETELY private. They include Reiki-infused acupuncture (or acupressure, if preferred), prescription of Chinese herbal formulae (if appropriate and desired by the client) and dietary and lifestyle guidance. The initial appointment involves an extensive health history intake in order to create a holistic treatment plan, customized for the individual. It typically lasts from 1 to 2 hours. Follow-up sessions are still thorough but shorter--around one hour.

    There can be relief of symptoms after the first session, but optimal results may require multiple appointments. This is especially true for chronic problems that have a long history. If that is the case, Angela will work with your schedule and resources to create a treatment plan that makes sense for you. Her goal is a treatment frequency that will achieve relief and balance as quickly as possible and then encourage subsequent treatment only as needed.