Angela Parson, L.Ac.
Earth Centered Acupuncture

2304 East Burnside Street
Suite One
Portland, OR 97214

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    The meridian pathways on which acupuncture points are located are directly connected to internal organs. An acupuncturist can remove obstructions of energy (Qi) flow by using points along specific channels. This improves the circulation of both Qi and Blood. When this happens, there can be pain relief and internal organs can function more efficiently with the increase of Blood and Qi flow.

    The channels on the physical body also extend above it to what is called the etheric body, which is where mental, emotional, and spiritual activity takes place. Since the channels serve as a sort of bridge between the two bodies, removing blockages from the acupuncture meridians can help create a sense of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is acupuncture's ability to help restore this overall balance that makes it useful in alleviating the stresses of our modern human world.

    Many healthcare professionals in the US recognize acupuncture's strength in pain and stress relief and will refer patients to seek acupuncture services for those. However, acupuncturists have long used the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve symptoms of chronic internal disorders, as well. Angela has extensive experience with pain-relief, but her true passion is working on internal balances.